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Top 10 Must-have Crochet tools supplies

Please note that some links in this post are affiliate links and I receive a small compensation when you use them. I may, eventually, earn enough to buy a cup of coffee ☕️. You can read the full affiliate disclosure here.

Today we want to share with you 10 must-have crochet tools every beginner needs to make your life easier, but first, a little story…

So, you just started with a new hobby, you are very excited and want to start right away. You go and buy a nice color yarn, a hook and you are ready for your first project, that is great!!

After a couple of rounds, you start getting lost, forgot which row you are working on, lost the number of stitches and the yarn just want to go away from you… at this point you might be thinking about quitting, but maybe all you need is a little help.

Scroll down to see the basic tools you need to get a great starting and finish your first crochet project in no time!

1. Crochet hooks

The crochet hook is the most essential tool you need to start crocheting. You can find them in different colors, shapes and materials, you just need to find the one that suit you the best.

Choose one that is comfortable for your hand, with a soft grip and ergonomic handles, perfect when working with small hooks.

Crochet hooks come in different sizes and depending on the yarn you are using and how tight or loose your finished project will look, you want to choose the best size for it.


2. Stitch markers and holders

Stitch markers and stitch holders are another essential tool to have if you want to avoid the headache of counting and recounting stitches. These little helpers will be your best friends.

You can use them for marking your starting stitch, marking an specific row, or hold the last stitch in case you want to rest and continue later.

These come in different shapes and colors, we recommend the locking stitch makers, so they stay in the place where you need them to be.


3. Round counter

Round counters, another great tool that will make your life easier.

Every crochet project has an specific number of rounds/rows and in order to keep the right shape, you need to be sure in which round you are working on.

Yes, you can use pen and paper to keep track or you can even use your phone, but believe me, this little tool will save you tons of time!


4. Sewing and Yarn Needles

Tapestry needles are very useful when you need to wave in or hide your yarn, or to do some embroidery details on your crochet project.

These are inexpensive and come in different colors and materials. You want to choose one with a smooth point to avoid damaging the yarn.


5. Scissors

Yes, it may sound obvious, but it usually get forgotten and you start looking all around your house for your old scissors, just to cut a little thread of yarn.

Small scissors with soft grip are best to reduce hand pain and fatigue.

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6. Yarn Bowl

This tool just reminds me of an old cartoon where the cat is playing with his ball of yarn all around the living room. Well, we don’t have a cat, but it often seems like we have one because my yarn is always running away from me making the same mess!

There are several ways to keep your yarn in the same place while working your projects. Yarn bowls, bags and totes, or you can make your own!


7. Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is always good to have at home, and really useful when you want to know the size for your next project.


8. Crochet Journal

If you are like me, you take notes on any paper you find at hand and keep it in a folder with all other thousand papers you have done before.

Well, this is not the smartest way to keep track of the projects or the special notes you have written while crocheting, right?

Since I have started writing my own patterns, I realized I needed a crochet journal to keep track of all the changes and design notes. I have actually started with mine this week.

You can use a simple notebook but if you really want to make a project several times, it’s worth to have a journal especially designed for crochet notes, where you can write about the yarn and tools you used and special notes about each of your master pieces.


9. Yarn Tote

Now that you have your essential crochet tools, you need a something to storage them and a yarn tote is the best way to do it.

It keeps all your supplies in one place, it is easy to carry and hides all the mess. Some of them can even be used to keep you yarn ball while you crochet.


10. Reference Book

Wether you are a beginner or have already some experience in crocheting, it is always good to have a reference book to learn new stitches or remember those you haven’t used for a while.

There you go!! You are ready to start, you have all you need and it is time to let you creativity fly! Share with your friends, visit us on Instagram or leave a comment below. We will be happy to hear from you, your projects and your experiences.



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  1. This is a great guide for newbies like me who have no idea where to start or what equipment is needed. My partner has just started crocheting but doesn’t have everything she needs. I might just surprise her and purchase everything you’ve mentioned here. Heck, I’ll do anything for brownie points, lol. Thanks for all your help!

    • Ohh she will be so happy, believe me and you will definitely earn some great tasty brownies ?

  2. Your website is incredible. My sister used to crochet so I am familiar with the tools. The post is very explanatory. Great job ! I wish you the best in your endeavers.

  3. I do not crochet, but I have two aunts that do. These will make GREAT gift ideas for both of them. I am thinking they can both use the yarn tote and the stitch markers and holders. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Those are great gifts for a crochet lover, and very useful, specially the stitch markers. You can lose your mind while counting those little stitches…

  4. Great article, I’ve tried to learn crochet so many times but I find it so difficult, I have all of these tools so maybe I can follow some of your tutorials.

    • Thank you! You should definitely try again, you can start with simple stitches and small projects and you will see that it is not that difficult.

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