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Crochet classes, Knitting classes, Sewing classes – Find them all at Bluprint!

Don’t miss the opportunity to start a new hobby. Lots of awesome classes now on sale at Bluprint!

Crochet courses

If you love the look of knitting style but find it hard to work with two needles at once and prefer a crochet hook, then this course might be perfect for you.

In this class, Brittany of B.hooked Crochet will show you the basics of Tunisian Crochet, a type of crochet which combines both techniques, knitting and crochet, but using only one hook, which is longer than the traditional crochet hook you would use.

The course includes six videos, starting with an introduction and fundamentals, following by step-by-step instructions of three easy projects and finishing with some useful tips to master this technique.

Level: Beginner

Instructor: Brittany of B.hooked Crochet

Lessons included:

  1. Introduction to Tunisian Crochet
  2. Tunisian Fundamentals
  3. Shaped Headband With Simple Stitch
  4. Full Stitch Cowl
  5. Ribbed Beanie
  6. Tips & Tricks

If you are an amigurumi addict, then you are going to love this course from Stacey Trock. You will learn everything you need to design and crochet your own amigurimi monsters.

The course includes six videos which include an introduction of supplies needed, sketching and designing process, creation of different body part shapes and techniques to put it  all togheter.

This fun class also includes eight monster patterns designed by the instructor which you can customize as you want.

Level: Intermediate

Instructor: Stacey Trock

Lessons included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Crochet
  3. Ball Monster
  4. Designing Monsters 1
  5. Designing Monsters 2
  6. Designing Monsters 3

Knitting courses

We love the infinity scarf, it so stylish and beautiful, that it is so foolish not to learn how to make your own. In this course you will learn the basics moves such as casting on, knitting, purling and binding off.

You will learn how to read a simple chart and how to follow it to make a stunning infinity scarf.

With clear instructions and a calm and lovely tone, the instructor will take you through all the steps, so you can finish your project without any problem.

Level: Beginner

Instructor: Vicki Square

Lessons included:

  1. Reviewing the Basics
  2. Supplies & Swatching
  3. Channel Island Cast-On
  4. Stitch Chart Basics
  5. Stitch Charts Continued
  6. Channel Island Bind-Off
  7. Finishing & Blocking

Are you a knitting expert and want to try a more challenging technic? Then you would like to try this course to learn how to knit Modern Brioche Lace and made a beautiful shawl.

This technique combines the traditional knit lace and traditional brioche to create incredible and colorful designs.

Lesley is a fun and very energetic instructors and she will help you in every step of the process.

This course includes six videos, starting with the differences between the traditional techniques and the modern brioche lace. Then going through the basics in each of the styles, English and Continental. And finishing with the creation of your own shawl.

Level: Advanced

Instructor: Lesley Anne Robinson

Lessons included:

  1. Understanding Brioche Lace
  2. Brioche Lace Basics: English Style
  3. Brioche Lace Basics: Continental Style
  4. Provençal Shawl: Part 1
  5. Provençal Shawl: Part 2
  6. Finishing & Fixing Mistakes


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